Weighted Lying Neck Extension

How to do Weighted Lying Neck Extension:

  1. Lay face up on a level seat or the ground. Make sure your neck and head are in a straight line with your spine, and that your head is just a little bit off the edge of the bench.
  2. With both hands, place a dumbbell or a plate of light weight on back of your head. Start off light to prevent strain.
  3. As you gradually drop the weight toward the floor behind you, keep your neck and head firm. Don’t go any farther than you can comfortably control.
  4. Lift the weight back to the starting position by using the neck muscles in the back.

Benefits of Weighted Lying Neck Extension:

is an exercise that strengthens and stabilizes the neck and upper spine by focusing on the muscles at the back of the neck.


neck Exercises should be done slowly and steadily to prevent injuries from jerky or unexpected movements.
To ensure perfect form, keep your neck and head in alignment with your spine throughout the exercise.

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