standing barbell military press

How to do standing barbell military press

The Benefits of Standing Barbell Military Press:

  1. It focuses mostly on the deltoids, which are the shoulder muscles that need the most attention, improving shoulder strength and growth.
  2. improves posture and general upper body stability by activating the stabilizing and core muscles.
  3. It mimics actual pushing motions, making it practical for both everyday tasks and athletic endeavors.

Exercise Tips:

  • Maintain an upright stance with your knees slightly bent. Keep the barbell close to your body and slowly press it above.
  • Hand placement and grip should be somewhat wider than shoulder-width apart when holding the barbell. Aim to keep your wrists straight and not bent back.
  • To keep your spine stable during the lift, brace your midsection.
  • Press the barbell overhead until your arms are completely stretched after lowering it to just below chin level.
  • As you lower the barbell, breathe in, and as you press it above, breathe out.
  • Start with smaller weights if you’re new to the workout to polish your technique and prevent injury.

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