Smith machine shrug

How to do the Smith machine shrug:

  1. Set up a Smith Machine barbell at a height where it’s easy to unrack and re-rack.
  2. Place yourself under the bar while maintaining a shoulder-width distance between your feet.
  3. Use an overhand grip that is little broader than shoulder width to hold the barbell.
  4. By extending your hips and knees, you can lift the barbell. The barbell should be held in front of your thighs while you stand straight.
  5. Your back should be upright, and your arms should be too.
  6. When you shrug, try to raise your shoulders as high as you can.
  7. At the peak of the action, tighten your shoulder blades together.
  8. In a controlled manner, bring your shoulders back down.
  9. Lower the barbell back onto the rack once your set is over.

The benefits of the Smith machine shrug:

  • The upper trapezius muscles are the focus of the Smith Machine shrug, which helps develop strong, well defined upper back muscles.
  • The exercise activates the shoulders’ stabilizing muscles, improving joint stability.
  • Maintaining appropriate posture and minimizing rounded shoulders can be made easier by strengthening the upper back muscles.
  • By enabling regulated, vertical movement, the Smith Machine makes sure that you are lifting in a straight line.
  • Your upper body training program will be more varied if you include the Smith Machine shrug.


Start with a weight you can lift safely and successfully and use good form. Consider getting advice from a fitness expert if you’ve never done this exercise or used the Smith Machine to guarantee appropriate technique and safety.

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