Single arm upright row band

How to do the single arm upright row band:

  1. One end of a resistance band should be fastened to a stable object or anchor point.
  2. Hold the resistance band’s other end with an overhand grasp.
  3. Keep your knees slightly bent and space your feet shoulder-width apart.
  4. Keep your core firm, your back straight, and your chest up.
  5. Start by extending your arm fully out in front of you while clutching the resistance band.
  6. You may raise the band vertically by beginning at your elbow and bringing it toward your shoulder.
  7. Keep your elbow slightly above shoulder level during the raise.
  8. Slowly reposition the resistance band to its initial position.

The benefits of the single arm upright row band:

  • This exercise focuses on the lateral (side) deltoids of the deltoid muscle, which helps to produce a well-rounded shoulder.
  • Strength and stability of the upper back are improved due to the activation of the upper trapezius and rhomboid muscles.
  • The motion improves shoulder flexibility and mobility.
  • Better posture may be achieved by toning the muscles in the upper back, which can also help to prevent rounded shoulders.
  • Muscle imbalances and asymmetry can be treated by training one side at a time.
  • Throughout the activity, resistance bands offer varying resistance, which challenges the muscles at various periods.
  • Resistance bands are lightweight, adaptable equipment that may be used for many different activities.


Put emphasis on good form, and select the right resistance band tension for your level of fitness. Working with resistance bands or new to the activity, visiting a fitness expert may assist guarantee proper form and a safe performance.

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