Side Push Neck Stretch

How to do Side Push Neck Stretch:

  1. Straighten yourself out whether standing or sitting.
  2. Slowly tilt your head to one side, Use your hand to gently push your head in the opposite direction until you feel a slight stretch in your neck.
  3. Avoid elevating or lowering your chin, and maintain a level position.
  4. Without feeling any discomfort, hold the stretch for 15–30 seconds.
  5. For additional benefit, repeat the stretch two or three times on each side.

The benefits of Side Push Neck Stretch:

Physical therapy exercises that target the rehabilitation of the neck’s muscles, joints, and bones also include side push neck stretches. Neck stretches are intended to improve the neck muscles’ strength, tone, and flexibility. Additionally, it enables the ligaments surrounding the neck joints to loosen up and withstand additional strain.

Tips :

Never use force when stretching; instead, move slowly and deliberately. Before including this stretch in your workout, speak with a doctor or a certified fitness professional if you have any already existing neck ailments or concerns.

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