Seated dumbbell incline shrug

how to do Seated dumbbell incline shrug :

  1. Take a seat at a moderate angle of around 45 degrees on an inclined bench.
  2. Each hand should have a dumbbell with the palms towards your body.
  3. Your shoulders should be slightly rounded forward, and your arms should hang down at your sides.
  4. Start the motion by pulling your shoulder blades back (squeezing them together) while maintaining a straight arm position.
  5. Shrug and raise your shoulders to your ears.
  6. Hold the shrug for a little while at the peak, focusing on the contraction in your upper traps.
  7. Return to the beginning posture by slowly lowering your shoulders back down.

the benefits of Seated dumbbell incline shrug :

  • builds strength and growth in the top region of your shoulders by focusing on the upper trapezius muscles.
  • improves posture and general upper body strength by working the trapezius and rhomboids muscles in the upper back.
  • increases the control and stability of the shoulder blades, which improves the health of the shoulder joint and lowers the risk of accidents.
  • strengthens the muscles that help to improve posture by reducing the impact of rounded shoulders and slouching.
  • increases the muscular strength utilized in a variety of daily tasks and athletic actions.
  • adds variety to your workouts, avoiding plateaus, and promoting healthy muscular growth.
  • improves the function and stability of joints by strengthening the muscles in the shoulder and upper back regions.


As with other exercises, utilizing the right form and technique is crucial to reaping the rewards and avoiding harm. If you’ve never done this exercise before, think about getting advice from a fitness expert to be sure you’re doing it correctly and securely.

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