Scapular Protraction and Retraction

How to do the scapular protraction and retraction:

  1. Start with a proper posture when standing or sitting.
  2. Push your shoulder blades apart and gently curve your upper back and shoulders forward.
  3. Pay attention to how your shoulder blades are sliding outward.
  4. Hold the extended position and pause for a moment.
  5. With control, revert to your starting position.
  6. Pull your shoulder blades toward your spine by squeezing them together.
  7. Pay attention to how your shoulder blades feel when they converge.
  8. For a little interval, maintain the retracted posture.
  9. Return to your starting position after letting go of the strain.

The benefits of the scapular protraction and retraction:

  • Scapular protraction and retraction exercises keep shoulder mechanics balanced and lower the likelihood of injuries and imbalances.
  • These workouts encourage optimal shoulder blade alignment, which improves posture.
  • The rhomboids and trapezius, as well as other upper back muscles, are used in both protraction and retraction.
  • By strengthening your capacity to actively regulate the movement of your shoulder blades, these workouts promote the stability and functionality of your shoulders.
  • By concentrating on scapular mobility, you may better comprehend and regulate your shoulder mechanics by strengthening the mind-body link.


Exercises should be done carefully, concentrating on the desired feelings. By incorporating them into your daily routine, you can help your posture and shoulders. Consider seeking advice from a fitness expert if you are unfamiliar with these activities or if you have any particular worries.

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