Scapula pull up

How to do the scapula pull up:

  1. hang from a pull-up bar ,With your arms completely extended and palms facing outward (overhand grip).
  2. Maintain a straight line with your body and relaxed shoulders.
  3. Pulling downward on your shoulder blades (scapulae) will start the action.
  4. Your shoulders should be actively pushed back and away from your ears.
  5. For a few moment, maintain this engaged attitude.
  6. Return to the beginning posture after gradually releasing the scapular engagement.

The benefits of the scapula pull up:

  • Your capacity to regulate scapular movement, which is crucial for appropriate shoulder mechanics, is improved by the exercise.
  • Scapula pull-ups encourage proper shoulder alignment and lower the possibility of injuries and imbalances.
  • The upper back muscles are worked when the scapulae are engaged, which helps develop strength.
  • In order to resolve problems and establish ideal shoulder mechanics, scapula pull-ups are frequently employed as part of shoulder prehabilitation and rehabilitation programs.
  • By preventing rounded shoulders, strengthening the muscles that move the scapulae helps to improve posture.
  • By practicing mindful shoulder blade control, you may strengthen the link between your mind and body.


Maintain appropriate form, and don’t put too much pressure on your shoulders. A fitness expert may offer advice on proper technique and help you customize the exercise to your needs if you’re new to this activity or have any concerns.

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