Resistance Band Pull Apart

How to do the resistance band pull apart:

  1. Hold a resistance band in front of you with both hands while you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Maintain a straight arm position in front of your chest while maintaining an overhand hold on the band.
  3. Start off with your hands at shoulder height while keeping the band taut.
  4. Pull the band apart by extending your hands to the sides while maintaining your arms straight.
  5. To complete the motion, concentrate on activating your shoulder muscles.
  6. Pull on the band until it reaches your chest or shoulder blades.
  7. Bring your hands back together in front of you slowly and firmly.

The benefits of the resistance band pull apart:

  • The resistance band pull apart targets the shoulders and upper back muscles, which helps to stabilize the shoulders and avoid imbalances.
  • The exercise encourages scapular retraction, which helps to correct rounded shoulders and improve posture.
  • It encourages balanced shoulder growth by concentrating on the posterior deltoid muscles.
  • Rhomboids and trapezius muscles are engaged throughout the motion, boosting total upper back strength.
  • Pulling apart a resistance band is frequently done as a rehabilitation exercise or as a warm-up for shoulder exercises.
  • By altering the band tension, this workout may be readily changed for persons of different fitness levels.


Put emphasis on good form and use a resistance band with the suitable amount of resistance. This exercise is frequently used for shoulder prehab and rehabilitation, however it is advised that you speak with a fitness expert or physical therapist if you have any questions regarding technique or applicability.

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