Resistance band i bent over rear delt fly

How to do the resistance band i bent over rear delt fly:

  1. Place your feet shoulder-width apart as you stand.
  2. With a neutral grip, hold the resistance band’s ends in each hand.
  3. Maintaining a modest forward tilt while bending at the hips is possible.
  4. Keep your knees gently bent and your core firmly in place.
  5. Start by making a “I” shape with your arms stretched downward and a little forward.
  6. Pulling the grips of the resistance band outward and upward while keeping your elbows slightly bent will work your rear deltoids.
  7. At the peak of the exercise, concentrate on pressing your shoulder blades together.
  8. Controlled slow return to starting position.

The benefits of the resistance band i bent over rear delt fly:

  • This exercise efficiently works the back deltoid muscles, which helps the shoulders seem balanced.
  • The danger of imbalances and injuries is decreased by strengthening the back deltoids, which also improves shoulder stability.
  • Rear deltoids are a good area to focus on for improving posture and preventing rounded shoulders.
  • The exercise strengthens the entire upper back by working the upper trapezius and rhomboid muscles.
  • Variable resistance offered by resistance bands enables a broad range of motion and maintains tension throughout the activity.
  • Resistance bands offer a flexible training alternative and are simple to use at home or on the go.


Put emphasis on good technique and choose a resistance band with a tension that is suitable for your level of fitness. If you’re unfamiliar with this workout or utilizing resistance bands, get advice on proper technique from a fitness professional.

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