Rear delt fly machine

How to do the rear delt fly machine:

  1. Adapt the machine settings and seat height to your comfort.
  2. Place your feet flat on the floor while facing the machine and pressing your chest into the pad.
  3. Put your arms out in front of you and take an overhand hold on the handles.
  4. Pull the handles out to the sides and squeeze your shoulder blades together to begin the exercise.
  5. Throughout the action, keep a small bend in your elbows and slightly bowed arms.
  6. Pull steadily until your arms are at a small angle above or parallel to the ground.
  7. Reverse the motion gradually, returning to the starting position under control.

The benefits of the rear delt fly machine:

  • The rear deltoid muscles are efficiently targeted by the rear delt fly machine, which contributes to the development of a shoulder that is rounded.
  • Rear delt muscle development improves total shoulder stability and lowers the possibility of imbalances and injuries.
  • By reducing the consequences of rounded shoulders, working on the back deltoids helps preserve proper posture.
  • Additionally working the upper trapezius and rhomboid muscles, this exercise supports upper back strength.
  • The equipment ensures precise muscle targeting through regulated and isolated action.
  • The rear delt fly machine offers diversity to your shoulder workout and targets muscles that other exercises don’t always work as well.


To do the exercise safely, make sure your technique is correct and use a weight that is manageable. Getting advice from a fitness expert will help you learn the right technique for this exercise if you’re new to it and prevent any potential blunders.

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