Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice for Customers, Apps, Marketing, Sales, Events, and Social Media

You are subject to this privacy notice , if you:

  • have acquired one of our services or goods through our website or app.
  •     employ one of our apps.
  •     have consented to receiving promotional communications from us
  •     Having participated in one of our contests or campaigns
  •     use social media to communicate with us.

CCTV and Access Control Privacy Notice

If you engage with us in any way not previously covered by one of our existing privacy notices, this privacy notice will apply to you. For instance, if you:

  •     uses our website, connects to it, or follows us on social media, but doesn’t leave comments there
  •     work for one of our suppliers or another company we do business with
  •     are an athlete or influencer with whom we have a financial arrangement.
  •     are a model that we work with to fit and display our items.
  •     are a shareholder of ours

    if you contact us from the public or if our actions have any other effects on you that aren’t covered by another of our privacy warnings.