Lever Neck Right Side Flexion [plate loaded]

How to do Lever Neck Right Side Flexion [plate loaded] :

  1. Adjust the seat height while seated on the machine so that the lever is level with your right temple.
  2. Put your right temple against the cushion lever, and for stability, grab the handles or grips.
  3. Place your spine in a neutral posture and sit up straight.
  4. Slowly tilt your head to the side, and press the lever to perform a right side flexion of the neck.
  5. If you feel a strain in your right neck muscles, keep moving to the right.
  6. Bring your head back to the beginning position slowly and under control.
  7. Depending on your exercise plan, complete the necessary amount of repetitions.
  8. Keep your breath throughout the activity. Exhale while you do the right side flexion and inhale as you come back to the beginning position.
  9. To avoid strain or injury, choose a weight that is appropriate for your level of fitness and steer clear of extreme tilting.

Lever Neck Right Side Flexion [plate loaded]:

Increases flexibility and range of motion on the right side of the neck, focuses on strengthening the neck muscles, especially those on the right side, and improves stability in the cervical spine, supporting improved posture.

Tips :

In order to minimize strain or damage, employ appropriate technique and refrain from using too much weight. Before doing this workout, speak with a healthcare provider if you have any neck issues or concerns.

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