Lever Neck Extension [plate loaded]

How to do Lever Neck Extension [plate loaded]:

  1. Adjust the seat height while seated on the machine so that the lever is level with your forehead.
  2. Put your head against the cushioned lever while maintaining stability by holding the handles or grips.
  3. Keep your spine neutral and sit up straight.
  4. Slowly stretch your neck while pushing your head back on the lever.
  5. keep moving backward When you feel your neck muscles starting to strain .
  6. Bring your head back to the beginning position slowly and firmly.
  7. Continue your workout regimen and complete the necessary number of repetitions.
  8. Breathe steadily throughout the exercise . Exhale as you stretch your neck and inhale as you go back to the beginning position.
  9. To reduce the risk of strain or injury, use a weight that is suitable for your level of fitness and avoid stretching your neck too far.

benefits of Lever Neck Extension [plate loaded]:

targets and strengthens the cervical spine and neck muscles. Because a strong neck is more resistant to various injuries, especially in activities where the neck is subjected to potential stress, strengthening the neck muscles can promote improved posture. Additionally, the exercise increases the neck’s range of motion and flexibility while balancing stress between the front and rear of the neck, lowering the possibility of muscle imbalances.


In order to assure safety and efficacy, suitable shape and weight must be used. Before doing this workout, speak with a healthcare provider if you have any neck issues or concerns.

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