Kettlebell One Arm Military Press

kettlebell one arm military press

How to do the kettlebell one arm military press

The benefits of the kettlebell one arm military press

  1. The kettlebell one-arm military press focuses on the shoulder muscles, namely the deltoids and trapezius, which helps to increase strength and stability in the shoulders.
  2. Balancing a kettlebell overhead necessitates core stability, therefore this exercise also works the core muscles, such as the abdominals and obliques.
  3. This exercise simulates real-life actions like lifting goods above, making it a useful workout that can help with daily tasks.
  4. Working one arm at a time promotes unilateral strength development, which helps to resolve muscular imbalances and asymmetries.

Exercise Tips:

  • Keep your chest up, shoulders down and back, and your knees slightly bent during the action.
  • Press the kettlebell overhead by completely extending your arm and not locking out your elbow. Keep your wrist straight and your core engaged.
  • Lower the kettlebell slowly and steadily to shoulder height, fighting gravity and using the shoulder muscles eccentrically.
  • Throughout the action, focus on activating the shoulder muscles and core while avoiding excessive lower back arching or shoulder shrugging.
  • Maintain appropriate posture and use your core muscles to keep your body steady during the action.

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