Kettlebell Lateral Raise

Kettlebell Lateral Raise

How to do the kettlebell lateral raise

The benefits of the kettlebell lateral raise

  1. The kettlebell lateral raise focuses on the lateral deltoid muscles, which helps to strengthen and define the shoulders.
  2. Kettlebell lateral rises can assist to correct any muscular imbalances or deficits on the left and right sides.
  3. Holding the kettlebell requires grip strength, which contributes to total upper body strength and stability.

Exercise Tips:

  • Maintain your chest up, shoulders down and back, and core engaged throughout the action. Maintain a modest bend in your elbow to avoid locking the joint.
  • Lift the kettlebell out to the side until it reaches shoulder height or little lower, guiding with your elbow.
  • Lower the kettlebell slowly and steadily back to the starting position, defying gravity and using the shoulder muscles eccentrically.

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