Half Kneeling Cable External Rotation

half kneeling cable external rotation

How to do the half kneeling cable external rotation

The benefits of the half kneeling cable external rotation

  1. The half-kneeling cable external rotation exercise helps to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles, especially the teres minor and infraspinatus, which lowers the risk of injury and improves shoulder stability.
  2. Improved shoulder joint mobility is advantageous for shoulder health and function in general, especially when engaging in activities that require overhead motions, as this exercise may assist with.
  3. Exercises that include external rotation to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles can enhance functional strength and performance in arm-rotation-dependent activities including throwing, swinging, and racquet sports.
  4. By enhancing muscular balance and stability around the shoulder joint, strengthening the rotator cuff muscles can help avoid shoulder ailments such rotator cuff tears and impingement syndrome.

Exercise Tips:

  • To stabilize your spine, keep your torso upright and contract your core muscles. With your elbow bent 90 degrees and your palm facing inside, grasp the cable handle with your far hand.
  • Rotate your forearm outward away from your body, keeping your elbow tucked in, until your hand is pointed straight ahead or slightly behind you.
  • Reverse the cable’s pull and slowly go back to the beginning position to activate the rotator cuff muscles eccentrically.
  • Throughout the exercise, keep your breathing rhythm consistent by exhaling as you rotate your forearm outward and inhaling as you return to the beginning position.
  • Throughout the exercise, focus on using the rotator cuff muscles; stay away from excessive swinging or momentum.

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