Front and Back Neck Stretch

How to do Front and Back Neck Stretch :

Front Neck Stretch:

1_ Starting Position: Straighten your back, shoulders, and spine while standing or sitting.

2_ Chin Down: Feel a stretch along the back of your neck as you gently tuck your chin toward your chest.

3- Hold the Position: hold the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds even Feel the strain in the front of your neck

4_ Release: Raise your head slowly back to its original position.

5_ Repeat: For best results, perform this stretch two or three times as necessary.

Back Neck Stretch:

1_ Starting Position: A straight back and relaxed shoulders should be maintained in the same sitting or standing position.

2_ Tilt your head back and start by gazing up at the ceiling or sky.

3_ Hold the Position:for 15 to 30 seconds while holding the stretch, Feel the soft stretch around the front of your neck .

4_ Repeat: carry out the stretch two or three times, As needed.

the benefits of Front and Back Neck Stretch:

It helps in releasing stress-related or bad posture-related muscular tension and stiffness at the front and back of the neck.
Regularly performing this stretch helps reduce moderate neck discomfort and stiffness brought on by extended sitting or desk work and increase the flexibility of the neck and upper spine

Important Tips about Front and Back Neck Stretch:

Both stretches should be carried out slowly and softly without straining your neck into any awkward postures.
Throughout the stretches, keep your breathing even and regulated.
It should be a gentle and pleasant stretch; avoid straining your neck beyond what is comfortable.
Before doing these stretches, speak with a medical expert if you have any neck-related ailments or medical concerns.

These neck stretches can ease stress and increase neck flexibility, but caution and awareness are required when performing them. If you feel any pain or discomfort while doing these stretches, stop right away and get help from a specialist.

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