Foam rolling upper back

How to do the foam rolling upper back:

  1. Place a foam roller horizontally beneath your upper back, towards the level of your shoulder blades, while lying on your back.
  2. Put your hands behind your head to support it while without pushing on your neck.
  3. By putting pressure on your feet, raise your hips off the ground. You’ll be able to manage the pressure applied to the foam roller as a result.
  4. Roll the foam roller around your upper back, from your shoulder blades to the mid-back, gently back and forth.
  5. If you come across a sore or tight place (knot), halt and apply little pressure there for 20 to 30 seconds.
  6. Take deep breaths and allow your muscles relax while you apply pressure on the knots.
  7. Roll over knots along the specified region again and stop.

The benefits of the foam rolling upper back:

  • Lying foam rolling stimulates the muscles in the upper back, which helps to relieve stress and discomfort.
  • Rolling helps muscles relax, which eases stiffness and tightness.
  • To improve posture and shoulder mobility, the upper back can be loosen.
  • The flexibility of the muscles in the upper back can be improved by regular foam rolling.
  • By promoting blood flow to the targeted muscles, rolling aids in muscle rehabilitation.
  • Muscle imbalances and potential injuries may be avoided by include foam rolling in your regimen.


Avoid rolling directly on the spine or other bony parts, and always use minimal pressure. If you feel any discomfort or agony, either change your technique or discontinue the activity. For best results, include foam rolling into a thorough fitness and recuperation routine.

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