Face pull with resistance band

How to do Face pull with resistance band :

  1. A resistance band should be fastened to a strong anchor point at chest level.
  2. With hands facing one another, grasp the band’s ends with a neutral grip.
  3. To make the band more taut, move away from the anchor point.
  4. With your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms out in front of you at chest level, stand straight.
  5. Pull the band towards your face while pulling back on your shoulder blades.
  6. Squeeze your upper back muscles and take a brief pause at the peak of the action.
  7. Returning to the beginning posture, slowly extend your arms.

The benefits of the Face pull with resistance band :

  • The resistance band face pull while standing targets the upper back and rear deltoids, promoting balanced shoulder development.
  • The muscles that support the shoulder joint are strengthened, thereby lowering the chance of injury.
  • This exercise helps to improve posture generally by reversing rounded shoulders.
  • Maintaining sound shoulder joint mechanics is made easier by engaging the upper back.
  • Face pulls increase shoulder mobility and flexibility, which are essential for a variety of upper body activities.
  • It can help to avoid muscular imbalances and the resulting soreness by strengthening the upper back.

Tips :

Should employ a resistance band that offers the right amount of challenge. Focus on employing appropriate form while doing the exercise with controlled and purposeful motions. If you’ve never done this exercise before or want to make sure you’re doing it right, ask for help.

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