EZ barbell front raise twist

How to do the Ez barbell front raise twist

The Benefits of EZ Barbell Front Raise twist :

  1. enhances the appearance of the shoulder by focusing on the front deltoid muscles.
  2. The twist encourages stability and strength by activating the core.
  3. The workout becomes more challenging as a result of the twist’s additional dimension.

The Exercise Tips :

  • Throughout the workout, maintain a straight back, an elevated chest, and a tight core.
  • Exhale, lift the EZ bar in front of you, and rotate your torso to one side at the same time.
  • Lift the bar to shoulder height or just below while maintaining your arms in a straight position.
  • Exhale and untwist your torso as you slowly drop the EZ bar back to the beginning position.
  • Change to the opposite side and continue the exercise after finishing a set of reps on the first side.
  • To ensure appropriate form, start with a modest weight. For each side, aim for 3–4 sets of 8–12 repetitions.

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