E-z bar upright row

How to do the ez bar upright row:

  1. With your hands somewhat closer together than shoulder width apart, grasp an EZ bar (a barbell with a zigzag or “W” pattern) while standing up straight.
  2. With your arms completely extended, let the bar hang in front of your thighs.
  3. your elbows should be pointing outward as you pull the bar up towards your chin while maintaining it tight to your body.
  4. Hold the bar close to your chin in the highest position for a short while.
  5. Return the bar to its starting position carefully.

The benefits of the ez bar upright row:

  • The side shoulder muscles known as the lateral deltoids are the main focus of EZ bar upright rows, which aid to develop shoulder breadth and definition.
  • The trapezius muscles are also worked during this exercise, which improves posture and upper back strength.
  • It works the muscles in the upper arms, upper chest, and upper back.
  • Upright rows increase functional strength by simulating actions like raising things toward the body.
  • In comparison to a straight barbell, the EZ bar grip may be more comfortable for the wrists, easing strain.


Maintain appropriate form, and refrain from utilizing too much weight since this might make your approach less effective. To guarantee that your muscles and joints are adequately acclimated if you are new to this activity, start with a lesser weight. As usual, if you have any questions regarding your form or appropriateness for this exercise, visit a fitness expert.

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