Elbow reverse push-up

How to do the elbow reverse push-up:

  1. Put your elbows on the chairs as you start by sitting on the floor with your legs stretched in front of you and your hands positioned right behind your hips with your fingers pointed down towards your feet.
  2. Create a tabletop position with your body by pressing through your hands and lifting your hips off the ground.
  3. Lower your hips toward the ground by gradually bending your elbows. Hold your hands close to your back.
  4. When your hips are nearly touching the floor, raise your hips back up to the tabletop position by pushing through your hands to straighten your elbows.
  5. Replicate the required amount of times.

The benefits of the elbow reverse push-up:

  • By working the shoulder muscles, this exercise enhances stability and strengthens the entire upper body.
  • The triceps muscles on the back of your arms are the focus of and are strengthened by elbow reverse push-ups.
  • The core becomes stronger as a result of the core engagement needed to maintain the tabletop posture.
  • The motion helps increase wrist and shoulder flexibility.

Tips :

Ensure appropriate technique is used during this exercise, and as your strength increases, progressively up the intensity. If you’ve never done this workout before, think about getting advice from a fitness expert to make sure it’s safe and effective.

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