Dumbbell Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Row

How to do the dumbbell seated bent over rear delt row

The benefits of the dumbbell seated bent over rear delt row

  1. This exercise helps to enhance shoulder symmetry and shape by isolating and strengthening the back deltoid muscles.
  2. It helps balance out the shoulder musculature by focusing on the back deltoids, which can enhance posture and lower the risk of shoulder problems.
  3. Sitting with one’s back bent forward also works the trapezius and rhomboids, two muscles in the upper back, which improves upper body strength and stability.

Exercise Tips:

  • Throughout the exercise, keep your elbows slightly bent and your head neutrally positioned, facing down toward the floor.
  • Lift the dumbbells out to the sides with your palms facing each other. Lead with your elbows and squeeze your shoulder blades together as you complete the action.
  • Throughout the workout, keep your focus on using your rear deltoid muscles and refrain from using too much momentum or swinging.
  • Keep your knees slightly bent and your core muscles activated to keep your body steady throughout the exercise.

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