Dumbbell Lying One Arm Rear Lateral Raise

How to do the dumbbell lying one arm rear lateral raise

The benefits of the dumbbell lying one arm rear lateral raise:

  1. The dumbbell lying one-arm rear lateral raise is an excellent exercise for isolating and developing the rear deltoid muscles, which are frequently underdeveloped when compared to the front and side deltoids.
  2. By focusing on the rear deltoids, this exercise promotes balanced shoulder growth, which can improve overall shoulder symmetry and appearance.
  3. Performing the exercise laying down gives stability and support, allowing for greater isolation of the targeted muscles while limiting the participation of other muscle groups.

Exercise Tips:

  • Throughout the exercise keep your head in a neutral posture, gazing down at the floor, and keep the elbow of your working arm slightly bent.
  • Throughout the workout, focus on working the back deltoid muscles while minimizing unnecessary momentum or swinging.
  • Slowly and carefully lower the dumbbell back to its starting position, resisting gravity’s pull to maximum muscle activation.
  • Keep your body steady during the exercise by using your core muscles and keeping a strong grasp on the bench.

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