Dumbbell-6-ways raise

How to do the Dumbbell-6-ways raise:

The benefits of the Dumbbell-6-ways raise:

  1. The Dumbbell 6-Ways Raise works several shoulder muscles, facilitating balanced development.
  2. Works the front, side, and back deltoids, improving total shoulder strength and aesthetics.
  3. Improves shoulder stability and mobility, which can help everyday activities and sports.

The Exercise Tips:

  • Stand with a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing your body, at your sides.
  • Begin with your elbows slightly bent and execute the following six exercises: front rise, front diagonal raise, lateral raise, rear deltoid raise, rear diagonal raise, and overhead press.
  • Throughout the routine, maintain control and appropriate form.
  • Choose a weight that will allow you to accomplish all six exercises with good form.
  • For best benefits, perform the exercise at a calm and controlled pace.

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