Dip Shrugs (Serratus Shrugs)

How to do Dip Shrugs [Serratus Shrugs]:

  1. Hold onto the parallel bars while extending your arms fully.
  2. Round your shoulder blades forward as you extend them.
  3. Squeeze your shoulder blades together to retract them.
  4. To your ears, shrug your shoulders.
  5. Hold the top of the shrug for a moment.
  6. In order to get back to your starting posture, lower your shoulders.

The benefits of Dip Shrugs [Serratus Shrugs]:

  • focuses on the serratus anterior muscles, which help to stabilize and move the scapula.
  • improves the stability and performance of the scapula by strengthening the muscles surrounding the shoulder blades.
  • strengthens the muscles that control normal shoulder alignment, which helps to combat rounded shoulders.
  • strengthens the shoulders and scapulae in a variety of upper body exercises.
  • may reduce shoulder injuries by improving muscular stability and balance.
  • Better performance in activities like bench presses, overhead presses, and rows is influenced by improved scapular stability.
  • can be used as an additional exercise to upper body training.


Sometimes disregarded serratus anterior muscles, which are important for maintaining the scapulae and supporting a variety of upper body motions, may be activated and strengthened by dip shrugs. Use good form when exercising, like with any workout, and get advice from a fitness expert if you’re unfamiliar with the activity or have any questions.

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