Diagonal Neck Stretch

How to do Diagonal Neck Stretch :

  1. Straighten your back and shoulders if sitting or standing.
  2. While maintaining your right shoulder down, tilt your head slightly forward and pull your left ear near your left shoulder.
  3. To increase the stretch, place your right hand softly on the right side of your head while giving a little pressure.
  4. for 15 to 30 seconds,feel the stretch down the right side of your neck .
  5. Return your head to the beginning position after releasing the stretch.
  6. Bring your right ear near your right shoulder while exerting light pressure with your left hand to the opposite side to do the same stretch.
  7. Hold the stretch for 15-30 seconds on the right side.
  8. For two to three times on each side, repeat the entire procedure.

What is the benefits of the Diagonal Neck Stretch:

Stretching focuses on the muscles of the neck, which helps the neck become more flexible and have a wider range of motion. This exercise can help reduce stress and stiffness in the neck area by extending the neck muscles. Regularly completing the Inclined Neck Stretch helps ease tension-related neck discomfort, encourage relaxation, and lessen stress.

Tips about the Diagonal Neck Stretch

Keep in mind to stretch slowly and without using any effort. Before performing this or any other stretching exercise, speak with a medical practitioner or physical therapist if you have any neck concerns or injuries.

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