Cross cable face pull

How to do cross cable face pull:

  1. stand between the pulleys , two rope handles should be attached to a cable machine’s high pulleys. Holding a handle in each hand.
  2. With hands facing inward, grasp the handles with an overhand grip. Keep your arms out in front of you while you take a step back to tighten the wires.
  3. Stand with your knees slightly bent and slant your hips slightly forward. At shoulder height, your arms need to be completely extended.
  4. Keep your elbows up and out to the sides as you bring the handles toward your face while exhaling. Consider using your back deltoids as a pulley.
  5. Put your hands close to your face, squeeze your shoulder blades together and tighten your upper back muscles at the movement’s climax.
  6. Breathe in and regulate the movement as you slowly restore the handles to their original place.
  7. Focus on keeping appropriate form and controlled motion as you complete the necessary number of repetitions.

The benefits of cross cable face pull:

  • focuses on the rear deltoid muscles, which helps to strengthen and define the sometimes overlooked back of the shoulders.
  • engages the muscles in the upper back, such as the trapezius and rhomboids, improving posture and strengthening the upper body as a whole.
  • increases the control and stability of the shoulder blades, which improves the health of the shoulder joint and lowers the risk of accidents.
  • strengthens the muscles that help to improve posture by reducing the impact of rounded shoulders and slouching.
  • improves total shoulder mobility and function by promoting optimal shoulder mechanics.
  • ensures well-rounded muscular growth by adding variety to your workouts, reducing stagnation, and preventing injury.
  • Functional fitness benefits from the strengthening of muscles necessary for daily tasks.
  • can aid in preventing shoulder imbalances brought on by overuse of the front shoulder muscles, as well as possible injuries.


Make sure the weight you’re using enables you to do the exercise with controlled movement and no strain, It’s advised to obtain advice from a fitness expert if you’ve never done this exercise before to make sure you’re doing it correctly and safely.

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