Corner Wall Stretch

How to do the Corner Wall Stretch:

  1. Standing with your feet about hip width apart, face the corner.
  2. Put your hands and forearms flat against the walls on each side of the corner while raising your arms to shoulder height.
  3. Feel your chest and shoulders stretching as you softly lean forward.
  4. Spend as much time as is comfortable holding the stretch while concentrating on inhaling deeply and letting the stretch envelope you.
  5. Step away from the corner slowly, then drop your arms to let the extend out.

The benefits of the Corner Wall Stretch :

  • By reducing the impact of hunching, opening up the chest and shoulders can help with posture.
  • Chest, shoulder, and upper back flexibility can be improved with regular exercise.
  • The action helps the shoulder joints maintain a healthy range of motion.
  • Stretching has a relaxing impact and can assist to ease tension and stress.
  • The risk of injury can be decreased by using this stretch to warm up before upper body exercises.
  • Lung function and respiratory patterns may be enhanced by opening the chest region.


gently and as comfortably as you can when performing the stretch. Consult a medical expert before doing this stretch if you have any pre-existing ailments or concerns.

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