Cobra Stretch

How to do Cobra Stretch :

  1. Starting Position: Lie face down on a mat or the ground,Legs outstretched, feet pointing in the same direction, and palms put close to the shoulders.
  2. Preparation: Press your hips and pubic bone into the ground while using your core muscles.
  3. Upper Body Lift: Take a deep breath in and slowly elevate your chest and head off the ground while maintaining your pelvis on the ground. To elevate your upper body, use your back muscles rather than your hands.
  4. Keep Your Alignment: Avoid overly arching your lower back, and keep your neck in alignment with your spine.
  5. Maintain the Stretch: Hold the elevated posture for 15 to 30 seconds while maintaining even breathing.
  6. Release: Breathe out as you lower your upper body to the initial posture.
  7. Repeat: The Cobra Abdominal Stretch can be performed for two to three sets, with brief pauses in between.

the benefits of the Cobra Abdominal Stretch:

The cobra stretch helps increase spinal flexibility, promoting better range of motion and reducing stiffness. This stretch targets and strengthens your back muscles, especially the lower back, which helps relieve back pain and improve posture. By opening the chest and stretching the front of the body, the cobra stretch can relieve tension in the chest, shoulders, and neck. The stretch can help stimulate the abdominal organs, which may aid digestion and promote better organ function.

Tips about the Cobra Abdominal Stretch:

Always use good technique when performing the Cobra Abdominal Stretch to prevent overextending the spine. Before doing this stretch, speak with a fitness expert or healthcare physician if you have any current neck or back problems.

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