Chin Tuck

How to do Chin Tuck :

  1. Straighten your back and relax your shoulders as you stand or sit.
  2. Keep your eyes forward and chin parallel to the ground.
  3. Slowly push your chin towards your neck, as if you’re trying to create a double chin.
  4. Do not tilt your head up or down; instead, concentrate on moving just your chin.
  5. In the completely tucked posture, pause briefly.
  6. Return to the starting posture after releasing the chin tuck.
  7. Depending on your exercise plan, complete the necessary amount of repetitions.
  8. Breathe naturally throughout the exercise.
  9. Avoid straining your neck by doing the maneuver slowly and deliberately.

benefits of the Chin Tuck :

Chin stretches improve neck and spine alignment, strengthen the muscles in the front of the neck, which improves neck stability and support, ease tension and discomfort in the upper neck and shoulder region, and help lessen neck pain brought on by bad posture or muscle imbalance.

Tips :

Your neck health and general posture can both benefit greatly from incorporating chin tucks into your practice. As with any workout, manage your movements and avoid putting undue strain on your neck to maximize safety and efficacy. Before using chin tucks in your exercise routine, speak with a medical expert if you have any existing neck ailments or concerns.

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