Cable Shrug

How to do cable shrug :

  1. A low cable pulley should be attached with a straight bar or D-handle. With your palms towards your body, hold the bar or handle while standing facing the pulley.
  2. Stand with your knees slightly bent and your feet shoulder-width apart.
  3. Keep your elbows slightly bent while you hold the bar .
  4. Focus on tightening your trapezius muscles as you slowly raise your shoulders toward your ears.
  5. To optimize muscular activation, squeeze your shoulders for a brief while at the top of the exercise.
  6. To enhance muscle activation, squeeze your shoulders for a quick pause at the peak of the action.
  7. Maintain control as you gradually bring your shoulders back to the beginning position.
  8. Keep your core engaged and your posture correct while you perform the action as many times as necessary.

The benefits of the cable shrug:

  • focuses on and develops the trapezius muscles for better development of the upper back and shoulders.
  • strengthens the muscles that support stabilizing the shoulder and neck, which improves posture.
  • supports shoulder elevation and stabilization motions that are a part of everyday tasks.
  • isolates the muscles of the trapezius, allowing for targeted muscular involvement.
  • It is appropriate for people of all fitness levels thanks to the equipment’s easily adjustable weight.
  • Low-impact exercise is excellent for people with sensitive joints.
  • provides an alternative to shrugs using dumbbells or bars, among other shrug workouts.


Always pick a weight that permits you to complete the exercise with proper technique. As the intention is to properly target the trapezius muscles, refrain from employing momentum or too heavy weights.

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