bodyweight standing military press

How to do bodyweight standing military press:

  1. When you stand, keep your core tight and your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Raise your arms to shoulder height, palms facing ahead, elbows bent at a 90-degree angle.
  3. When you exhale, raise your arms upward and raise your palms until your arms are completely stretched.
  4. maintain the extended position to activate your shoulder muscles,for a little time.
  5. When you take a breath, lower your arms back down to shoulder level to go back to the beginning position.
  6. The press should be repeated as many times as necessary while keeping good form.

The benefits of the bodyweight standing military press :

  • builds the deltoids’ strength in the shoulder muscles.
  • provide a balanced upper body exercise by working the triceps, upper back, and core.
  • enhances the capacity to lift things above throughout daily tasks.
  • improves posture by building up the muscles that support the shoulder girdle.
  • requires the stabilization of the body during the press by the core muscles.
  • It is accessible and may be performed without weights or equipment.


When performing the press, keep your core firm, keep your spine in a neutral position, and try not to lean backward. To guarantee safety and efficacy, concentrate on controlled motions.

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