Bent over reverse cable fly

How to do bent over reverse cable fly :

  1. Stand in front of a cable machine that has its pulleys lowered, hold the handles. To make the wires more taut, take a step backward. Lean forward while bending at the hips while keeping your back straight and your abs tight.
  2. Keep your elbows slightly bent as you extend your arms in front of you. Your starting point is here.
  3. Pull the handles apart in a broad arc while keeping your elbows bent and pulling your shoulder blades together. Pay attention to engaging your back deltoid muscles to start the motion.
  4. Pull on the rope until your arms are parallel to the ground or little higher, then stretch them out to the sides. Hold for a brief moment while feeling your back deltoids contract.
  5. Slowly reverse the movement, bringing the handles back to the starting position while maintaining control.
  6. Depending on your fitness level and goals, perform the necessary number of repetitions, which is normally 10-15.
  7. Exhale as you draw the handles apart and inhale as you lower them.
  8. Release the handles once you’ve finished the exercise and stand up straight to stretch your back and shoulders.

The benefits of the bent over reverse cable fly :

This exercise efficiently works the back deltoid muscles, which contributes to the development of a shoulder that is rounded.
The development of balanced shoulders is aided by strengthening the back delts, improving upper body symmetry overall.
and by concentrating on the muscles that maintain correct alignment, can aid in reversing rounded shoulders and enhancing upper body posture.

The danger of injury during other upper body motions is decreased by strengthening the rear deltoids, which contribute to shoulder stability.
A well-developed rear delt region contributes to the upper body’s physical attractiveness by giving it a more defined and sculpted appearance.
Various exercises requiring pulling and back movements are made easier by strengthening the rear delts, which also helps to build functional upper body strength.
The bent over reverse cable fly offers variety to your shoulder exercises and aids in avoiding training plateaus.
Rear deltoids that are well-developed contribute to the “V-taper” appearance, which improves the appearance of an athletic upper body.


To guarantee good form, start with a modest weight and raise it gradually as you get more accustomed to the exercise. Consider getting advice from a fitness expert if you’re new to this exercise or weight training to guarantee safe and efficient performance.

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