barbell shrug

How to do barbell shrug :

  1. Put your feet shoulder-width apart and stand straight up.
  2. With your hands slightly wider than shoulder width, hold a barbell in front of you in an overhand grip.
  3. Let the barbell hang in front of your thighs at arm’s length.
  4. raise your shoulders up, as if trying to touch your ears with them.
  5. Hold the contracted position for a moment, squeezing your upper traps.
  6. Continually and slowly bring your shoulders back down.
  7. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

the benefits of the barbell shrug :

With a primary focus on strengthening the upper trapezius muscles, your neck and upper back will look better.
enhances shoulder stability, which is important for increasing upper body strength and avoiding injuries.
counteracts rounded shoulders by strengthening the muscles involved in maintaining proper posture.
by supporting the muscles used for lifting and supporting weight, aids in carrying and lifting tasks.


To reduce strain, make sure you’re lifting using your traps rather than your neck and refrain from using too much weight. If this is your first time doing this activity, think about getting advice from a fitness expert.
Individual outcomes may differ, therefore use appropriate form to minimize risks and maximize rewards.

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