barbell rear delt raise

  1. Standing upright with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent.
  2. With your hands slightly wider than shoulder width, hold the barbell in an overhand posture.
  3. Let the barbell to hang in back of your thighs with your elbows slightly bent and your arms fully extended.
  4. Focus on your rear deltoid muscles as you raise the barbell with your arms out to the sides.
  5. Lift while maintaining a small bend in your elbows until your arms are about parallel to the ground.
  6. The appropriate number of times should be repeated.

the benefits of the barbell rear delt raise :

targets on and develops the sometimes ignored back deltoid muscles to provide the impression of a balanced shoulder. By reducing the consequences of rounded shoulders, strengthening the back deltoids can aid posture.increases shoulder joint stability, lowering the chance of injuries during exercises and regular activities.
works all three deltoid muscle groups (front, side, and back), which contributes to total upper body symmetry.reduces the likelihood of imbalances and accidents by strengthening the muscles necessary for good shoulder mechanics.


To avoid strain or damage, put appropriate form and controlled movements first. If this is your first time doing this activity, think about getting advice from a fitness expert.
Individual outcomes may vary, so it’s important to exercise correctly to minimize risks of harm and maximize rewards.

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