Barbell overhead shrug

How how to do the barbell overhead shrug:

  1. stand with your feet hip-width apart, Holding a barbell with a broad overhand grip.
  2. With your arms fully extended and palms facing front, hold the barbell over your head.
  3. Maintain a straight posture and keep your core active.
  4. Holding the barbell over your head, raise your shoulders toward your ears in a shrugging action.
  5. At the peak of the action, tighten your shoulder blades together.
  6. In a controlled manner, bring your shoulders back down.

The benefits of the barbell overhead shrug:

  • The barbell overhead shrug strengthens the shoulders by working the upper trapezius and the deltoids.
  • By using stabilizing muscles, lifting the barbell overhead improves the stability of the shoulder joint.
  • This exercise increases upper body strength generally, which is helpful for a variety of physical activities.
  • The development of explosive strength in the shoulders and upper back might benefit from shrug training with big weights.
  • Improved performance in sports and daily activities involving lifting above can be attained by using the overhead shrug motion.


Make sure you’re exercising with the correct technique and weight for your level of fitness. As with any workout, think about getting advice from a trainer, especially if you’re new to barbell exercises or have any shoulder issues already.

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