How to do band pull apart:

Following are the steps involved in a band pull-apart:

  1. Setup:Pick a suitable band tension ,arms outstretched in front of you, grasp a resistance band with both hands.
  2. Position : Take your shoulder-width stance. Keep your elbows slightly bent and keep your spine in a neutral position.
  3. Start: Hands should be shoulder-width apart, palms facing down, and the band should be at chest level to start.
  4. Pull: Stretch the band apart by extending your hands outward and pressing your shoulder blades together without bending your elbows any more.
  5. Squeeze: Hold the posture for a brief period of time while concentrating on the tightening between your shoulder blades.
  6. Return:Maintaining strain on the band, slowly reposition your hands to the beginning position.
  7. Repeat: Perform the specified number of repetitions while keeping your motions steady and under control.
  8. Breathing: Exhale as you return to the beginning position after pulling the band apart.

the benefits of the band pull apart:

reduces the chance of injury by strengthening the muscles that support good shoulder mechanics.and targets the muscles in the upper back and rear shoulders to improve posture and prevent hunching. Activates the trapezius, rear deltoids, and rhomboids muscles, which help to build a stable and powerful upper back.and can assist in preventing and treating discomfort brought on by prolonged desk use.

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