Arm scissors

How to do the Arm scissors:

  1. Stand straight-armed in front of you with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Your palms should be facing one another when you cross your right arm across your left at the level of your chest.
  3. Open your arms wide and swiftly make a scissor-like motion by crossing your left arm over your right arm.
  4. Maintain a regulated and rhythmic cross-over action by alternating it.
  5. Keep your core muscles active and your breathing even while you perform the exercise.

The benefits of the Arm scissors:

  • The shoulder joints are become more flexible and mobile with standing arm scissors.
  • In order to get the upper body ready for more strenuous exercises, this exercise helps to warm it up.
  • The quick arm motion helps maintain cardiovascular fitness by raising heart rate.
  • The vigorous action can help in calorie burning and weight control.
  • Your ability to coordinate your brain and body is put to the test by the cross-over action.
  • Arm, shoulder, and upper back muscles are worked out when using arm scissors.
  • By acting as a dynamic stretch, the exercise increases general muscular flexibility.
  • Arm scissors is a vigorous exercise that may provide you a rapid energy boost.

Tips :

Maintain appropriate form and abstain from strain or pain. Before doing this activity, if you have any medical ailments or worries, speak with a fitness expert or healthcare practitioner.

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