Arm circles

How to do the Arm circles:

  1. With your feet hip-width apart and your arms outstretched and parallel to the ground, assume a tall stance.
  2. Start moving your arms in short, circular movements. Circulate them in the air while moving them forward.
  3. The circles should gradually get bigger as your shoulders get more flexible. Maintaining a smooth, regulated action is the essential priority.
  4. Reverse the orientation of the circles after a predetermined number of attempts or a predetermined period of time. Moving your arms now in the other way while retaining control.
  5. As you do the arm circles, breathe deeply and regularly.
  6. Perform a few sets of the arm circles in each direction before extending the time as you get more comfortable.

The benefits of the Arm circles:

  • Arm circles aid to increase range of motion by gradually stretching and mobilizing the shoulder joints.
  • Before upper body training, this exercise can be performed as a warm-up to get the shoulders ready for more strenuous motions.
  • The circular action encourages blood flow to the shoulder muscles, which helps with oxygen supply and muscular activation.
  • Arm circles promote good shoulder alignment, which helps improve posture in general.
  • The shoulder and upper back regions can become more flexible with regular practice.
  • Arm circles can have a calming impact and assist in lowering tension because to their repetitive motion and deep breathing.
  • Dynamic stretching techniques like arm circles are excellent for warming up the muscles and joints.
  • Regular shoulder range-of-motion exercises will help you stay flexible and reduce your risk of developing problems.


Remember to perform the arm circles gently and without any jerky movements. If you experience any pain or discomfort, stop the exercise and consult a healthcare professional.

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