Arm circles up and down

How to do the arm circles up and down:

  1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your arms at shoulder height straight out to the sides.
  2. Make modest, controlled circular motions And from up to down with your arms as you move them forward to start.
  3. As you repeat the action for a specific amount of repetitions or time, gradually enlarge the circles.
  4. After completing the forward circles, transition to making backward circles with your arms, beginning with modest movements and building up to larger ones.
  5. Throughout the action, keep your back straight and contract your core muscles.
  6. In order to maintain appropriate form and prevent jerky movements, pace the circles carefully.

The benefits of the arm circles up and down:

  • Standing arm circles increase your shoulder joints’ flexibility and range of motion.
  • The shoulder joints are warmed up by the circular action, lowering the chance of damage while exercising.
  • The motion encourages blood flow to the shoulder region, assisting in the supply of nutrients and the evacuation of waste.
  • The muscles that maintain healthy posture are activated when arm circles are performed while standing straight.
  • The workout works the upper arms, shoulders, and upper back muscles.
  • To stretch the upper body dynamically and get ready for activity, try doing arm circles.
  • The repetitive motion might have a calming effect and aid with shoulder tension release.

Tips :

It’s important to carry out the workout carefully and without experiencing any pain. Before attempting this workout, speak with a fitness expert or healthcare physician if you have any previous shoulder troubles or medical concerns.

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