Across Chest Shoulder

How to do the Across Chest Shoulder:

  1. stand up straight ,Place your feet hip-width apart .
  2. Keep your right arm parallel to the ground and straight across your chest at shoulder height.
  3. Holding your right arm slightly above the elbow with your left hand.
  4. Stretch your right shoulder and upper back by applying a gentle, controlled pull with your left hand as you bring your right arm closer to your body.
  5. Hold the stretch while inhaling deeply and steadily for 15 to 30 seconds.
  6. Switch sides after letting go of the stretch. Use your right hand to gently pull with your left arm extended across your chest.
  7. For a few sets, stretch one side at a time, progressively lengthening the stretch as your flexibility increases.

The benefits of the Across Chest Shoulder:

  • This stretch improves flexibility and range of motion by concentrating on the shoulder muscles and connective tissues.
  • The stretch can release tension in the muscles between the shoulder blades and also has an effect on the upper back.
  • Regular shoulder and upper back stretches can help with posture by reducing the consequences of slouching.
  • Deep breathing and a gentle pull might help the upper body feel relaxed and less stressed.
  • To get the shoulders ready for movement before upper body exercises, incorporate this stretch into your warm-up regimen.
  • You may lessen the possibility of injuries brought on by constricted or tight muscles by keeping flexibility in the shoulder region.


Remember to stretch slowly and without making any sudden or jerky motions. Stop stretching if you feel any pain or discomfort, and then see a doctor.

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